Indulge in a sensory adventure like no other with our Mixed Tour, a curated experience that brings together the finest in artisanal spirits, craft beer, boutique wine, and exceptional cider. At Hops n Grapes Tours, we’ve carefully crafted a journey that celebrates the diverse world of libations. Immerse yourself in the realm of flavors as you explore acclaimed artisan gin distilleries, where age-old techniques and botanical wonders unite to create exquisite spirits. Discover the heart and soul of craft beer as you venture into local microbreweries, uncovering the passion that goes into each pint. Journey through picturesque vineyards and boutique wineries, savoring the intricate layers of each wine that tell stories of the land. And finally, experience the crisp and refreshing notes of handcrafted cider, a perfect blend of tradition and innovation. Our expert guides will lead you on this immersive expedition, sharing insights into the craft, the people, and the passion behind every sip. Whether you’re an aficionado or a curious explorer, our Mixed Tour promises a memorable fusion of tastes, aromas, and moments that will forever redefine your appreciation for the art of libation.

Embarking on a mixed tour for artisan gin, craft beer, boutique wine, and cider is an extraordinary way to immerse yourself in a world of flavors, expand your horizons, and create lasting memories.

Price: $270pp

Tour includes:

Pick up and drop off

4x Paddles(one at each establishment).


Snacks and drinks

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